Time for an upgrade?

Are you starting to find your aging machinery is costing you money & no longer keeps up with the advancements in car wash technologies? Do you want to be able to clean more cars per hour & enhance customer experience? Are your competitors starting to roll out car wash retrofits?

If you’ve said yes to the above, it’s probably time to talk to the team at Carwash World about retrofit options for your car wash. Let us show you how to maximise property usage & increase your ROI.

Car Wash Retrofits shouldn’t be perceived as an expense but an investment into the growth of your business.

How do you know it’s time for a retrofit?

  • cars are turning away if there’s a queue in front of them
  • you’ve spent a lot of time & money on repairs
  • you’re experiencing a lot of down time & outages at your site
  • you’re getting bad customer feedback & reviews about your aging equipment
  • you find you’re not up to date with customer payment options & new technologies

Have you considered that not spending money on your car wash is costing you customers?

We live in a fast-paced digital age & technology is changing therefore operators who are able to adapt their car wash sites to move with these advancements will have a head start over the competition. You should be thinking about wether you can provide mobile phone apps, wash club facilities & add new features to up-sell offers at your site.

As a result of a well-executed retrofit, most tired, run down, car washes see a major turnaround into thriving profit centres. Investing in updated Automatic Car Wash equipment, easy to use, efficient Self Serve options & offering Contactless Payments all will drive sales whilst improving customer experience.

We’re even seeing a lot of car washes converting a Self Serve bay to incorporate a second automatic to increase the amount of cars you can wash per hour & reduce wait times for customers.

Contact Us today to arrange a site inspection & report on how we can help.

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