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Australian Made For Australian Conditions. Parts Available Locally.

Carwash World works with only the best, which is why we specialise in the iWash Self-Serve car wash equipment – innovative equipment from Prowash.

Quality self-serve car washing equipment is important to the reputation of your car wash. Give customers everything they need to clean their car; from premium soaps and waxes through to high pressure hoses, dual swivel foam brush and splatter wax.


Prowash are Australian, so you know your parts are backed up by great workmanship. When the time comes for a repair or replacement, it's great to know that components are available locally and will be with you quickly.


To encourage repeat business and customer loyalty, your equipment must be simple to use and work the first time, every time. Well maintained car washing bays mean you're guaranteed to be the car wash of choice, above the competition.


For the discerning car owner, self-serve car wash equipment is vital. Many users prefer to take control of the wash process, and then add further value to their trip by vacuuming and scenting their vehicle or purchasing tyre shine or Little Trees fragrances.

Is it even a car wash Without self-serve?

The Self-Serve system allows your customers to take control of their own wash. A dedicated foaming brush pairs with a multifunctional high pressure gun to deliver a wide array of tasks – from rinsing to soaping to brushing.

Simple. Easy. Reliable.



Available in a range of configurations, the iWash Self-Serve pump station delivers products up to eight self serve bays at a time.



Check bay coin and car counts, reset with PIN access, program minimum amounts to initialise and for times in increments of 5 seconds all from simple master controls.



Two booms control the iWash Self-Serve car wash equipment, allowing 360 degree operation around vehicles. The foam brush and high pressure functions are multifunctional to make life easier for your customers.

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THE iWash PUMP STAND Is the Heart of Your Car Wash

The pump stand is at the centre of your iWash Self-Serve setup. It brings together all of the equipment required (including Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis, Hot Water System and Compressor) to deliver products into each of your car wash bays.

As the user-friendly functions are selected one-by-one through the bay controller, the pump stand responds and delivers the selected product.

iWash self-serve car wash pump unit - starting a car wash business

Some products are best applied to the vehicle under low pressure. Others require high pressure application, and it is the pump stand that controls this.

The pump stand frame is constructed from stainless steel tubing, and is pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

Housed within the frame are a host of components and troubleshooting features that deliver the optimum wash for your customers and, importantly, the smooth and reliable operation of your self serve bays at all times.

iWash filtration system for self-serve car wash

Pure Filtration

The Reverse Osmosis hyper filtration system is the finest of its kind. It removes particles as small as ions, allowing purified water to pass through while rejecting contaminants. For your customers, this means that the final Spot-Free Rinse is good enough to go - the purity of the water allows it to dry naturally without spotting, meaning the chamois dry is a thing of the past.

Car wash entry unit for iWash Self-serve car wash

Touch Select Controller

The Touch Select Bay Controller is the interface between your iWash Pump Stand and the self-serve bays. It allows your customer to purchase time using coins, tokens or cards and select the wash function suitable for washing their vehicle. It comes with a number of user-friendly features to ensure all daily operations are conducted with ease, including a 10 position wash function selector and countdown display timer. It can also be used by the operator for maintenance and accounting procedures.

car being washed in iWash self-serve car wash bay

Carnauba Splatter Wax

Splatter Wax is a hugely popular and requested feature at self-serve car washes. It is a dual purpose product, containing Carnauba wax. On a microscopic level, Splatter Wax smooths out the imperfections on the surface of a vehicle’s paint whilst adding a protective coat that beads water and gives a showroom shine. Splatter Wax can be installed new or retrofitted to current self-serve car wash systems.