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Enjoy piece of mind with the reliability of the iWash Self Serve car wash system.

Quality self serve car washing equipment is important to the reputation of your car wash. Give customers everything they need to clean their car; from premium soaps & waxes through to high pressure hoses, dual swivel foam brush & splatter wax.

To encourage repeat business & customer loyalty, your equipment must be simple to use & work first time, every time.  Well maintained car washing bays means you’re guaranteed to be the car wash of choice above the competition. We customise your state of the art self serve offer to best suit the needs of your car wash. Simply contact us today to discuss what products best suit your needs.

iWash Self Serve

Australian made for Australian conditions. Parts available locally

Each self serve car washing bay has a high-pressure wash gun, foaming brush & splatter wax. The simple, touch pad, in- bay controller incorporates a coin/token acceptor, tap & go payments, a wash function selector, and a count-down timer display.

Available for 2-8 bays the iWash Self Serve car wash system offers the following features:

Check bay coin and car counts + reset via Pin Access

Program minimum coins to start + time in increments of 5 seconds.

Microcoin QL acceptor for $1 + 2 coins & tokens

2 Booms, specifically designed to allow 360 degree operation

Concealed hidden shackle American lock with coin vaults that hold an average of $1200

Spot-free rinse using Reverse Osmosis

The iWash pump stand is the heart of the self serve carwash

It brings together all other equipment required (Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis, Hot Water System and Compressor) to deliver products into the carwash bay. As the user-friendly functions are selected in the carwash bay through the bay controller, the pump stand responds and delivers the selected product. Some products are best applied to the vehicle under low pressure. Others require high pressure application, and it is the pump stand that controls this. The pump stand frame is constructed from stainless steel tubing. The unit is pre-wired and pre-plumbed. Housed within the frame are a host of components and troubleshooting features that deliver the optimum wash for your customers and, importantly, the smooth & reliable operation of your self serve bays at all times.

The Prowash iWash Self Serve Car Wash Functions can include:

Splatter Wax

Splatter Wax is a hugely popular & requested feature at self serve car washes. It’s dual purpose product, containing Carnauba wax. On a microscopic level, Splatter Wax smooths out the imperfections on the surface of a vehicle’s paint whilst adding a protective coat that beads water & gives a showroom shine. Splatter Wax can be retrofitted to current self serve car wash systems.

To see a more detailed breakdown of the specs of this equipment, you can download the brochure here.