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Save time and money with car wash solutions for your dealership or fleet

Carwash World offers washing solutions and equipment to bring down your vehicle washing costs and increase site efficiency.  We supply low-cost machinery designed specifically for car dealerships and fleet car companies to eliminate hand car washing and those high overheads.


Car washing equipment not only increases the number of daily washes you can achieve, but will help cut labour costs. Hand washing may be costing you more than you think!


Achieve reliable and exceptional wash results every time. A gentle wash process also means no scratching or damage to vehicles and will keep your customers coming back.


Offering additional gifts-with-purchase with the sale of a vehicle such as access to free washes for 12 months is an excellent way to value-add and create customer loyalty and connection. It’s not about what you did or said – it’s how you made them feel.

Are you offering your customers something Your competitors aren't?

Our industry-leading car wash equipment ranges from simple self-service bays to the LaserWash™ 360 automatic touch-free. We’ll work with you to  ensure the success of your dealership or fleet business, starting with a free site assessment, access to the best car wash designers,  full install, and ongoing support from our team of professional technicians. 

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