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Car Wash Developments

Create a retail precinct that offers choice, convenience & a strong ROI.

Car wash businesses are fast becoming a profitable addition to property developments Australia-wide. The evolving landscape of property development focuses heavily around giving consumers quick & easy access to offers that suit their lifestyle.

With high-density living being at a peak, plus more cars on the road, providing people an efficient way to quickly clean their cars that also has an environmental upside is an attractive option, with a profitable return.

Car Wash Developments
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Car Wash Site Concepts

The layouts & inclusions below are a taster of 2 of the most common site layouts in the Australian car washing landscape today.

Why 2 or more automatics?

The industry’s trending far more towards automatics these days (as opposed to self-serve) due to the higher & faster return on investment. Washing more cars, faster & increasing revenue makes 2+ automatic car washes a worthwhile investment.
Clean more cars
Reduce drive offs
Appease wait times
Offer a FAST easy clean
Prevent traffic congestion

Configuration 1:2 LaserWash™ 360 Automatics & 3 Self Serve Bays

Can be achieved on approx. 1000 -1200sqm
Includes 2 automatic car washes, 3 self-serve bays, dog wash, vacuums & vendors
This set up can be built as 1 automatic & 4 self serve bays,
giving you scope to convert a bay to a second automatic at a later date
Ability to wash 20-24 cars pers hour with 2 autos
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Configuration: 2 LaserWash™ 360 Plus Automatics

Can be achieved on approx. 600sqm
Express wash model, 4-5 minute wash times
Ability to wash 20-24 cars per hour with 2 autos
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We have tenants & buyers ready to go. If you’re a property developer who is not interested in running the car wash yourself, we have both tenants & buyers on the books & ready to negotiate terms.

A well-designed car wash is a successful car wash. There’s a lot to consider during this design process.
We highly encourage using a specialist who can customer tailor your design & manage the planning, architecture,
civil, hydraulics, traffic & acoustic planning for you.

If you want reliable, flexible & profitable – you want LaserWash™
To learn more & get a ROI calculation on a LaserWash 360 Plus

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