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Car wash businesses are fast becoming a profitable addition for property developers and site owners Australia-wide. The evolving landscape of property development focuses heavily around giving consumers quick and easy access to offers that suit their lifestyle.

With high-density living being at a peak, plus more cars on the road, providing people an efficient way to quickly clean their cars that also has an environmental upside is an attractive option, with a profitable return.

Wash Car Monthly *
15 %

* at a dedicated car wash. Source: International Carwash Association, Australian Car Wash Consumer Study, 2018

Avg. Washes Per Year

Source: International Carwash Association, Australian Car Wash Consumer Study, 2018

Industry Market Size
$ 350 m

Source: IBISWorld, Car Wash and Detailing Services in Australia, 2021

Annual Industry Growth Rate
0 %

Source: IBISWorld, Car Wash and Detailing Services in Australia, 2015

Car heading out of car wash bay


The rise of apartment and townhouse living means many motorists don't have a lot of space in which to clean their car. Using self-service facilities at the local car wash is a great alternative with the bonus of more efficient equipment. The commercial car wash has become a necessity for many.

People are also becoming more aware of the environmental benefits of a commercial car wash, in terms of water preservation and pollution. There's a growing understanding that a well set up commercial car wash will ensure pollutants are not running straight into stormwater drainage systems and into our waterways.
Building self serve car wash bays


For every 1,000 Australians, there are 748 cars on the road. And 43% of those car owners use car washes an average of 10.6 times per year. In fact, the market for car washes in Australia is currently just shy of $600 million and growing annually.

As a developer and site owner, your location and visibility is hugely important, as is the amount of traffic that passes by. Calculating anticipated wash volumes and developing a business plan from those numbers will go a long way to creating sustained success.
Building automatic car wash bays


A well-designed car wash is a successful car wash. There’s a lot to consider during the design process.

In-bay automatics and self-serves have low operating costs with low to moderate hands on day-to-day requirements, require less capital and have a much smaller learning curve. Barriers to entry are generally lower, and profits can be realised in as little as 6 to 12 months.

We highly encourage using a specialist who can custom-tailor your design and manage the planning, architecture, civil, hydraulics, traffic and acoustic planning for you. Carwash World provides advice from those who have been in the industry for a long time and have been through the process over and over again.
customer using car wash entry unit


We have tenants and buyers ready to go. If you’re a property developer or site owner who is not interested in running the car wash yourself, we have both tenants and buyers on the books and ready to negotiate terms.

Our biggest focus is on partner profitability. We want you to succeed and to achieve your investment goals. Whether you have a small site with two self-serve bays or a larger site with self-serve, in-bay automatics and dog washes, our clients are all equally important to us.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re seriously considering starting a car wash business and want to know what the actual process is, check out our STARTING A CAR WASH BUSINESS page. 

self serve bays for your car wash business


The industry’s trending far more towards automatics these days (as opposed to self-serve) due to the higher and faster return on investment. Washing more cars, faster and increasing revenue makes 2+ automatic car washes a worthwhile investment.

  • Clean more cars
  • Reduce drive offs
  • Appease wait times
  • Offer a FAST easy clean
  • Prevent traffic congestion

2 LaserWash™ 360 Automatics
+ 3 Self-Serve Bays

Can be achieved on approx. 1000 -1200sqm
Includes 2 automatic car washes, 3 self-serve bays, dog wash, vacuums and vendors
This set up can be built as 1 automatic and 4 self-serve bays, giving you scope to convert a bay to a second automatic at a later date.

Ability to wash 20-24 cars per hour with 2 autos.

car wash configuration for car wash developers and site owners

2 LaserWash™ 360 Automatics

Can be achieved on approx. 600sqm.
Express wash model: 4 -5 minute wash times.

Ability to wash 20-24 cars per hour with 2 autos.

car wash configuration for developers and site owners

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