Offer speed, quality & convenience to your customers, all while creating a standalone profit centre on your Fuel & Convenience site.

The addition of the convenience store to fuel & service stations has been evolving rapidly over the last 5 years. Instead of a standalone C-store component, there’s been a transition to a network of food offerings & complimentary services, which include car washing. Incorporating a car wash onto a fuel & convenience site establishes an additional income stream from an already captured market.

When you buy a LaserWash™ you’re buying reliability, low maintenance costs & the best ROI

Unlike the fluctuations in the cost of fuel, the profits from car washing remain consistent. Convenience store operators can now easily offer ‘smart’ services like automatic payment or pay by apps available for use with the car wash.

Commercial car washes are a growth industry in Australia. With high density housing, water restrictions & a search for speed & convenience from consumers, adding a car wash to a fuel & convenience site adds a drawcard for customers & a profitable investment for operators.

The touchfree automatic choice of OTR & X-Convenience

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