Want to join a steadily growing market in Australia?

Whilst the car wash industry in Australia is still in it’s relative infancy compared to places such as the US, now is a great time to make an investment in a car wash site.

Growth in the industry from 2010 to 2015 was at 2.5%, with revenue at $527 million.

The fact is that more people are looking for the ease & convenience of autowash & self serve facilities. Driveway washing is not only time consuming but damaging to the environment. Pollutants & chemicals run directly into our waterways during a driveway wash & consumers are much more conscious of eco-friendly choices than ever before.

But where do I start?

Thankfully, we’re able to offer everything you’ll need to ensure you have the skills, equipment & knowledge to run a profitable car wash business. Check out our Starting Your Car Wash* page here to see how we’ll team you with the right people to ensure success.