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Whilst the car wash industry in Australia is still in its relative infancy compared to places such as the United States, now is a great time to make an investment in a car wash site. Growth in the industry has consistently been at or around 2.5%, with revenue eclipsing $584 million.

Carwash World offers everything investors need to ensure they have the skills, equipment and knowledge to run a profitable car wash business. From design and installation, all the way through to training and technical support, you’ll be in safe hands with your investment.

15 %
Wash Car Monthly *

* at a dedicated car wash. Source: International Carwash Association, Australian Car Wash Consumer Study, 2018

Avg. Washes Per Year

Source: International Carwash Association, Australian Car Wash Consumer Study, 2018

$ 350 m
Industry Market Size

Source: IBISWorld, Car Wash and Detailing Services in Australia, 2021

0 %
Annual Industry Growth Rate

Source: IBISWorld, Car Wash and Detailing Services in Australia, 2015

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The car wash industry in Australia has a lot of potential. For every 1,000 Australians, there are 748 cars on the road, more than all but eight countries in the world. And 43% of those car owners use car washes an average of 10.6 times per year. In fact, the market for car washes in Australia is currently just shy of $600 million and growing annually. We're also still developing, which means we haven't yet reached the level of industry maturity seen in countries like the United States, where consumers use professional car wash equipment at almost double the rate.
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Are you looking at buying an existing car wash business? These can be a great investment, and can help reduce the time required before you begin generating revenue. Knowing your equipment and making sure it's working properly are key when purchasing an existing location, as well as understanding the site's current turnover and possible ways to increase this. Remember: Carwash World can also retrofit new equipment into any existing site.
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Do you already have a location in mind for your car wash or are you still looking? Your location and visibility is hugely important, as is the amount of traffic that passes by. Calculating anticipated wash volumes and developing a business plan from those numbers will go a long way to creating sustained success. Each local area and state has different rules and regulations that will affect your business, so speak to those who are aware of them.


Choosing the right equipment is vital to how you run your car wash business. Full service hand washing and tunnel washing have very high investment requirements and running costs, and usually require larger sites. In-bay automatics and self serves have low operating costs with low to moderate hands on day-to-day requirements, require less capital and have a much smaller learning curve. Barriers to entry are generally lower, and profits for investors can be realised in as little as 6 to 12 months.


Once you've decided upon your location and have an idea of the equipment you'd like to feature, engage with us. Carwash World has been in the industry since 2006, and we own our own car washes. We know what it takes to create and run a successful business, and we use the same equipment that we supply. We can help investors with a site analysis to determine which equipment and what offerings would be best for your chosen location, and even design your site's layout before you install. After the build is complete, you'll get training and ongoing technical support as part of the Carwash World family.
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Our biggest focus is on partner profitability. We want you to succeed and to achieve your investment goals. Whether you have a small site with two self serve bays or a larger site with self-serve, in-bay automatics and dog washes, our clients are all equally important to us. We'll keep you updated on industry news and events, potential offerings for your site, advances in technology, and guide you every step of the way with elite technical support, the highest standard of servicing and even social media marketing to ensure that you become the car wash of choice for your area.

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