Is your goal to ensure your customer can quickly & easily make a decision with no barriers to purchase? Studies show making the offer & your product details clear plus easy to make a choice will ensure repeat business & increase consumer satisfaction.

The entry unit that you choose must provide all of the above & be relevant to your site specifications whilst still remaining innovative with current technologies such a wash club apps & digital promotions. We deal with a number of different suppliers to ensure that all of your & your customers have their needs met to the highest of expectations.

Below is just a small selection of products to get your customers through your Autowash efficiently.

Cashless Payment Solutions


Accepting payments reliably anywhere at your car wash is now available with the water and dustproof Quest CT400 Contactless Payment Terminal.

Quest Payment Systems have developed the CT400 contactless payment terminal which is easily retrofitted to all your onsite carwash equipment, including:

  • Self serve bays
  • Vacuums
  • Vending machines
  • Dogwash

No change? No problem! Just Tap and Wash!

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Hamilton Transaction Kiosk (HTK)

Hamilton Transaction entry units


With an array of payment and dispensing options.
Cash, credit card acceptance, Hamilton Tokenotes®, coins, Paypass, Customer Value Cards, tokens, Hamilton ExpressPass RFID, coupon codes, dual bill dispenser, À la carte, fleet codes

The HTK comes with a dual head credit card reader. This allows a credit card to be swiped in either direction, making the transaction easier for the customer.

Entice customers and increase your bottom line with the À la carte feature. When a customer selects a specific wash package, the HTK can be programmed to automatically prompt them to add features to their package.

The HTK also comes with a communication call button. This can be wired to a system in an equipment room or office making it easier for customers to communicate any questions.

For the business owners’ convenience:  the HTK offers access via the Internet to view and print audit reports, clear soft errors, change prices and display messages. RFID compatible

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Gold Line® Autocashier


The Gold Line® Autocashier is among the most dependable, durable, and most reliable entry systems on the market today.

Payment Options
The Gold Line® accepts bills, quarters, tokens, coupon codes, and credit cards.

Coupon Codes are great for community promotions. Place an ad in the local newspaper with a code that offers a discount on either a specific wash or all of the wash packages. Keep track of which promotions are bringing you the most return for your advertising dollars.

Credit Card Acceptance

Offers both traditional magnetic stripe credit card acceptance, as well as EMV (Chip & PIN) technology. A thermal receipt printer can be used to provide a receipt for the customers purchase, or to print an audit report directly at the Gold Line®.

The Gold Line® Autocashier Eight Function
The GL-8 offers the wash owner the opportunity to create more wash packages with better profit margins. When used with a standard roll-over automatic, and dryer, wash owners can promote 4 packages at basic wash prices and then add $1 to each package with dryer.

Combo Automatics – Wash owners can use the GL-8 to offer 4 touch free wash packages, and 4 soft-cloth packages, or use 1 or 2 options for combination packages.

POS Systems – HCS III or HCS IV
The Hamilton Code Systems allow you to sell car washes from the gas pump or the convenience store.  The HCS III is designed for an application where the store, gas pumps and car wash are all at the same location.

The HCS IV allows remote sales of car wash codes.  Sell wash codes from up to 10 locations via a remote POS, to be redeemed at one car wash location, with up to 4 remote pay-at-the-pump locations.

Key Features

  • Hamilton XE validator (with Tokenote® acceptance)
  • 1,000 bill stacker (with Hamilton XE validator)
  • Cabinet 11 gauge stainless steel
  • Door 11 gauge stainless steel
  • Two heavy duty Medeco® plug locks
  • Accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 U.S. bill denominations
  • Keypad
  • Code coupons – up to 24
  • Two Slugbuster® coin acceptors
  • Accepts quarters, tokens, or golden dollar coins
  • Maximum capacity: 3,200 quarters
  • Four wash selection buttons
  • Backlit instructional LCD display
  • Automated voice announcements
  • Easy programming through the wash selection buttons
  • Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Weight: 205 lbs/93.0 kg (approximate)

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Credit card acceptance system.

Contactless Payment Module

MEI banknote validator and stacker.  Accepts AUS $5/10/20/50 banknotes.

2 x Universal Mk4 coin hopper, 6 000 coin/token capacity.

Large customer Liquid Crystal Display.

3000 event log, time & day stamped.

Matching base designed to be filled with concrete on installation.

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Available Upgrades

transaction Upgrades Machines

Credit Card and Contactless Payment Kits

Add Credit Card functionality and Contactless Payment to your existing Anztec entry system.

Fits all QW-595X entry systems.

Kit includes card readers, control pcb, mounting hardware, and software.

Available for Australia and New Zealand.