Is your goal to ensure your customer can quickly & easily make a decision with no barriers to purchase? Studies show making the offer & your product details clear plus easy to make a choice will ensure repeat business & increase consumer satisfaction.

The entry unit that you choose must provide all of the above & be relevant to your site specifications whilst still remaining innovative with current technologies such a wash club apps & digital promotions. We deal with a number of different suppliers to ensure that all of your & your customers have their needs met to the highest of expectations.

Below is just a small selection of products to get your customers through your Autowash efficiently.

Hamilton Transaction Kiosk (HTK)

Convenience:  with an array of payment and dispensing options.

Cash, credit card acceptance, Hamilton Tokenotes®, coins, Paypass, Customer Value Cards, tokens, Hamilton ExpressPass RFID, coupon codes, dual bill dispenser, À la carte, fleet codes

The HTK comes with a dual head credit card reader. This allows a credit card to be swiped in either direction, making the transaction easier for the customer.

Entice customers and increase your bottom line with the À la carte feature. When a customer selects a specific wash package, the HTK can be programmed to automatically prompt them to add features to their package.

The HTK also comes with a communication call button. This can be wired to a system in an equipment room or office making it easier for customers to communicate any questions.

For the business owners’ convenience:  the HTK offers access via the Internet to view and print audit reports, clear soft errors, change prices and display messages. RFID compatible

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Access® Entry Stations


Only Access® offers a family of customer management systems that meets every operator’s needs. Every model includes a user-friendly interface, POS options, credit card processing, full reporting capability, Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS), simple interface with Access gate and loader system, and remote programmability.

Access is a powerful customer management system that offers complete site integration, marketing flexibility and multiple payment options. No other system offers the same level of security and built-in payment flexibility. The Access Customer Management System delivers the high quality you have come to expect from PDQ.

Key Features

  • Industry’s Most Secure Vault
  • Accepts Cash, Credit Cards, Loyalty Cards, Codes, & Tokens
  • Dispenses Change
  • Customer Loyalty System option
  • RFID System option
  • Built-in Web Interface for Updating, Reporting & Monitoring

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Credit card acceptance system.

Contactless Payment Module

MEI banknote validator and stacker.  Accepts AUS $5/10/20/50 banknotes.

2 x Universal Mk4 coin hopper, 6 000 coin/token capacity.

Large customer Liquid Crystal Display.

3000 event log, time & day stamped.

Matching base designed to be filled with concrete on installation.

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Available Upgrades

Credit Card and Contactless Payment Kits

Add Credit Card functionality and Contactless Payment to your existing Anztec entry system.

Fits all QW-595X entry systems.

Kit includes card readers, control pcb, mounting hardware, and software.

Available for Australia and New Zealand.