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Not all car wash chemicals are created equal

Giving your customers a consistent car washing experience is the key to the success of your car wash business. The quality of your chemicals, soaps & waxes is critical. Consider that customers come to your car wash to clean their car.
Your offer needs to ensure they leave with exactly that by providing the necessary tools to make that happen irrespective of whether they use the automatic or self serve bays.


The upfront price point of a chemical is not the true determining factor of a good chemical, it’s the performance out in the bay.

The car wash chemicals we suggest have an emphasis on strength & potency, in-turn lowering your cost per car. However, the true cost of your chemical is really determined by customer satisfaction & loyalty.

We also own & operate our own car washes, so we’re confident that what we recommend works.

Chemicals are a sensory experience:

Low maintenance costs


This is how the product covers the vehicle during application


Gives a visual indication of chemicals coverage on vehicle


The scent simply adds to the cleaning experience

All of the above have a perceived value to your customer & are things to keep front of mind at all times.

With over 25+ years in the car washing industry, Paul can help you:

  • Titrate & test your chemicals to ensure premium performance
  • Run cost analysis to give true cost per wash
  • Assess your car wash to give you tips for maximising ROI & revenue