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PDQ promises to raise the bar again, with their latest advancement to the Laserwash™ 360 Plus…the laserGlow arch. 
This illuminated wash arm not only helps load and unload vehicles faster, but also attracts potential customers to your site, both of which result in a greater ROI!
Let’s explore the technical changes to the laserwash™ 360 Plus:
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Updated Drive Motors and Gearboxes 

Enhancing mechanical reliability, whilst improving vehicle profiling. 


The Laserwash™ will now be equipped with 0.5hp motors and 20:1 gearboxes throughout. 


This upgrade ensures the drive system operates efficiently and consistently, providing a more reliable and precise wash experience. 



Improved Arch Positioning Accuracy

The Laserwash 360 Plus now digitally inputs, instead of analogue, to enhance the machine’s ability to locate the arch. 


This improvement enables better arch positioning accuracy, ensuring that the wash components align perfectly with the vehicle, by accurately tracking the vehicle’s position. 


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LaserGlow Arch

This innovative addition enhances the customer experience by creating a visually engaging environment in the wash bay. The LaserGlow Arch utilises LED lighting on the spine of the arch and across the top, to generate bright light effects, providing an enjoyable wash experience for customers. 


The Arch adds an element of entertainment to the car wash, making it more appealing. Its visually striking effects contribute to a positive brand image, and can attract new customers to the wash facility.  With infinite colours and lighting patterns available, the arch acts as a reliable 24/7 marketing tool. 



Overall, the technical changes to the Laserwash 360 Plus enhance the reliability and customer experience.

These advancements contribute to a more efficient and effective wash process, ensuring customer satisfaction and facilitating the growth of the business.  

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