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PDQ LaserWash™, Australia’s leading Touch Free automatic car wash for over 28 years & counting.

Carwash World is the proud, exclusive distributors for the PDQ LaserWash™ in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia & Northern Territory. The LaserWash™ is recognised as the world-leading manufacturer of touchless car wash equipment. Delivering reliability & the industry’s best return on investment.


With over 350+ PDQ systems currently in Australia. The LaserWash™ 360 Plus in-bay automatic car wash, is undisputedly, the trusted choice in the automatic touch-free marketplace

Improved Throughput + Increased Revenue Per Vehicle + Reduced Operating Costs =
Faster Return on Investment!

LaserWash™ is synonymous with reliability, performance & profitability for car wash owners worldwide. With a revenue enhancement & total cost of ownership focus, coupled with Smart™ 360 Technology, this machine ‘thinks for itself’, increasing up-time & optimising the wash process. Substantially faster wash speeds compared to other in bay automatic car washes lead to increases in vehicle throughput and shorter lines that will make your customers happy. Simplified machine design and lower energy and utility usages reduce operating costs leading to a more profitable car wash operation.

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Clean more cars per hour, increase your ROI & produce a better touch-free wash:

Web-Based Accessibility For Sales Monitoring & Configuration.​

Web-based accessibility for sales monitoring & configuration.

Dial in from anywhere to access sales reports, update or change wash packages & diagnose machine errors.

Wide Open Wash-Bay-Innovative Virtual Treadle​​

Wide Open Wash Bay - Innovative Virtual Treadle​

Easy access for customers with quick & effective wash cycles. Innovatice vehicle positioning + arch control system.

Low maintenance costs

Low maintenance costs

Less moving parts. Innovative design means less wear & tear on the machine.

Supreme Reliability & Technology​

Supreme reliability & technology

Performance focused engineering, backed with premium parts & componentry & world-leading patented designs

Low Water & Chemical Consumption

Low water & chemical consumption

Simplified machine design with lower energy & utility usage to reduce operating costs & increase profit.

ultimate wash packages

Fully Customisable Wash Packages

Back-end access to adjust wash speeds and all functions on your machine. Set your wash offer to suit any specifications you require, be it fast, slow or extra chemical passes.

Vehicle Positioning

One of PDQ’s most recognizable innovations is the unparalleled Virtual Treadle. This electronic vehicle-sensing technology eliminates drive-on floor-mounted mechanisms, creating a wide open and inviting bay for your customers. Ultrasonic sensors accurately measure the vehicle’s width, and bridge sensors signal the driver to stop or back up by activating easy to understand audible LED signs. The wash system is then activated with an electronic safety envelope surrounding the entire vehicle, allowing the LaserWash 360 Plus to maintain an optimum cleaning distance whether the vehicle is parked to one side or angled in the wash bay.

Vehicle Positioning

Smart 360 Arch Control

The ultra-sophisticated LaserWash 360 Plus Arch Control System drives quicker throughput and amazes customers with its precise movements throughout the entire wash process. The Automatic Obstacle Guidance System uses advanced technology to locate obstacles such as trailer hitches, side mirrors and other obstacles that may restrict the wash arch from properly traveling around the perimeter of the vehicle. The arch will move away from the obstacle, record the position of the obstacle to avoid it on subsequent passes and continue washing the vehicle. If the wash arch cannot avoid an obstacle it will attempt to fully retract, rinse off any solution using the overhead rinse arch and prompt the customer to exit the bay. After the vehicle has exited and the bay is clear, the machine will automatically reset in preparation for the next vehicle. PDQ’s exclusively designed spray arch focus’ on addressing the body style changes of today’s more modern vehicles. A longer top manifold will clean wider vehicles, while a new side arch improves focus on harder to reach areas, such as under spoilers off the rear windows. In addition to the performance benefits, this new spray arch has a more modern appearance that your customers will love.

Smart 360 Arch Control

Redesigned Pump Station

The redesigned HP Pump Station offers added durability along with an increase in ease of serviceability. The all stainless steel frame houses a dedicated fluid manifold designed to reduce fitting connections and reduce leak points. The chemical injection manifold has also been positioned for easy service access as well as increased durability.

Redesigned Pump Station
3 color foam system

Triple Colour Foam System

Upsell with this colorful feature! The 3 X Color Foam Applicator can apply three-color foam solutions to the vehicle. Your customers, and your customer’s children, will watch this product with awe as it covers their vehicle in a rainbow of colors.

Front Bug Prep System

PDQ’s exclusive Front Bug Prep can increase revenue without adding time to the wash process. Customers love this feature, which focuses on hard-to-clean areas like the windshield, back sides of mirrors and the front of vehicles.

Front Bug Prep System
super sealant system

Super Sealant System

Protect the surface of the vehicle with our Super Sealant System. This option protects the clear coat and helps maintain the shine of your customers’ vehicles, as well as being an excellent revenue generator.

laserwash 360 Plus
Overglow hi gloss application system

OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System

The OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System drapes the vehicle in a thick sheet of cleaning solution with strategically placed bright LED lights further enhancing the customer experience while ensuring performance.

BayGlow Wash Bay Illumination System

A light show that is sure to impress all your customers near and far. BayGlow is an lighting attraction that displays multiple color combinations and patterns that are visible from the car in the wash bay, at the gas pump, and from the street. Seamlessly controlled by your LaserWash360 Plus, BayGlow will help drive customers to your wash and ultimately help drive revenues.

BayGlow Wash Bay Illumination System
Wide Open Exciting and illuminated LaserWash 360 Plus

LaserGlow Illumination System

The LaserGlow Illumination System has two options that will delight your customers and allow you to differentiate your site from your competitors. LaserGlow Bridge Illumination System The brilliant LED lighting portals provide even greater assistance to your customers during the loading process and offers you the ability to program lighting sequences that enhance the overall wash experience for customers while they are in the wash bay.

High Side Blasters

Differentiate yourself from competitors with High-Pressure Tower Side Blasters or Gatling Guns. Both offer enhanced cleaning capabilities for the wheel, tire and rocker-panel areas. Designed to work in conjunction with underbody service lines, these high-pressure components are powerful cleaning tools.

High Pressure Side Cleaners

Ultimate Cover Package

The LaserWash 360 Plus ultimate cover package is both attractive and functional. The standard ultimate cover package offers a complete state-of-the-art look that is sure to impress your customers. In addition to its looks, the cover package reduces machine exposure to the harsh wash bay environment. Underneath the covers, a separate enclosure for air valves has been added to the bridge, while all fluid valves have been removed, increasing overall reliability and serviceability.


Smart 360 Drying System

PDQ’s LaserWash360 Plus integrated dryer option can be coupled with the unique FlashDry High-Volume Spot Free Rinse service. FlashDry requires no additional time for a basic dry by completing the rinse and dry cycles in a single, simultaneous operation. Developed on the principal that it is easier to remove water that is already in motion, FlashDry technology simultaneously rinses and removes more than 80% of the water in a single 10-second pass. Additional dryer options
include a MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer, or the ability to use the integrated dryer as a drive-through service as the customer exits the wash bay. These options allow greater package differentiation, giving operators the ability to up-sell customers for increased revenue and profitability.

SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System

Your customers will enjoy drier vehicles with PDQ’s SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System. The enhanced SwingAir oscillating feature improves dryer performance while still using less energy than most conventional dryers. This new system incorporates motion in the center two producers to help sweep water off of the vehicle’s top surface, allowing the two outside producers to focus on pushing water down and off the sides of the vehicle. The SwingAir feature is available on both stand-alone and integrated drying systems.


Advanced Cover Package

This cover package sports an updated, modern, aesthetic on the previous design. The advanced cover package also includes the LaserGlow Bridge Illumination system allowing you to customise the lighting sequence further enhancing the wash package for customers & creating a visual marketing tool.

Advanced Cover
Advanced Confirmation Signs

Advanced Confirmation Signs

Providing a clearer instructional message that is backlit instead of exposed LED’s. The signage is mounted centre-overhead in the wash bay instead of to the side as drivers tend to drive towards where they are looking. With this package customers can clearly see the directional prompts in front of them. Custom wording & branding available.

Advanced Cover
Web Based Laserwash 360 Plus Interface Software

Web-Based LaserWash 360 Plus Interface Software

Standard with every LaserWash 360 Plus is an advanced browser-based wash-control system that provides access to all key operating functions without the need for additional software. Through the password protected software you can program wash packages and machine functions, monitor sales activity, obtain real-time wash data and eliminate unnecessary wash site visits. The LaserWash 360 Plus can also be programed to automatically send alerts to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, providing an instantaneous status of your wash activities and informing you of critical issues that may be occurring at your wash locations. This easy-to program capability keeps you in touch with all of your sites from anywhere, at any time.

Non Corrosive Materials Used

Non-Corrosive Materials Used

All stainless steel and aluminum is used for excellent resistance to water and chemical corrosion and for its durability and lightweight properties. The shape of the anodized extruded aluminum rails in the bridges and trolley allows for an enclosed roller design, resulting in extremely low roller resistance and reduced power requirements…LESS power consumed = MORE $$ saved!!!

Installation Flexibility

Installation Flexibility

The LaserWash 360 Plus mounting system provides the flexibility to fit into a wide variety of wash-bay configurations. The LaserWash 360 Plus can be installed as a Free-Standing Frame or a Wall-Mounted machine. The Wall-Mount System offers an open-bay feeling unlike any other machine in the industry, while the Free-Standing Frame can be used where the walls may not be structurally sufficient. The main support rails can be adjusted during installation to accommodate various wash bay lengths. In addition, the Precision Loading System allows longer vehicles to fit comfortably into shorter wash bays, essentially making your wash bay one foot longer.



Driver or passenger side-mounted factory preloaded energy chain for easy and low cost installation

Roller Inside

Bridge and trolley movements are smooth and effortless using internally mounted dual-axis rollers. The hanging design allows self-centering and improves roller life by protecting the rollers from harsh wash environment

Speed = Increased Revenue

Simplified engineering and high-quality materials provide the optimal balance between initial investment and long-term profitability. Substantially faster wash speeds increase vehicle throughput, resulting in shorter wash lines that will please your customers and keep them coming back.


LaserWash 360 Plus Base Unit Includes:

• LaserWash 360 Plus
• Corrosion-Resistant Bridge & Trolley
• Smart 360 Technology (with: Smart Networking, Smart Dwell,
• Smart Arch Control, Smart Drying System and Smart Cleaning System
• Automatic Obstacle Guidance
• SST Wall Mounts
• Aluminum Rails
• In-Bay Sign
• Pump Station Water Tank
• Virtual Treadle,
• Electrical Control Panels
• Basic LED
• General Pump
• Fully Loaded E-Chain & Bulkhead Manifold
• Ultimate Cover Package
• Advanced Arch Package
• 3X Color Foam
• LED Service Confirmation Sign
• LED Entrance Sign
• Spot Free Rinse Application

LaserWash 360 Plus Optional ADD ONS:

• CAT 3535 Pump
• Water Heater
• Single/Dual Pressure Fed Inlet
• Water Saver Package
• In-Bay Pump Station Covers
• 2 or 4 Nozzle Integrated Dryer
• MaxAir Stand Alone Dryer
• SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System
• LaserGlow Bridge Illumination Effect System
• LaserGlow Projection
• BayGlow Wash Bay Illumination System
• Illumination Effect System
• High Pressure Undercarriage
• OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System
• Advanced In Bay Signs
• Booster Pump for Low Pressure Sites
• Dedicated Super Sealant Manifold

• Dedicated Front Bug Prep Manifold
• Rust Inhibitor
• Wheel Cleaner
• High Volume Rinse Arch
• Electric High Pressure Gatling Guns
• High Pressure Side Combo Blasters
• Free Standing Frame
• Water Reclaim Systems

• Storage Tanks
• Wash Activation Entry Terminals
• Cortex Site Management Software
• WALS Loyalty Program


If you want reliable, flexible & profitable – you want LaserWash™
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