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Making your product offer clear increases customer satisfaction

Our car wash entry units are innovative, fitted with modern technologies such as digital promotions, bonus time offers and ‘wash club’ deals. When you make your product offer clear and easy to follow, you increase customer satisfaction and ensure repeat business.

ANZTEC Entry Units are the extremely reliable, robust and simple to operate. With cash and card options, there’s something for everyone at every stage of their car wash visit.

Innovative Control Systems (ICS) is an industry-leading provider of technology solutions and payment terminals. Their car wash Entry Units incorporate the latest innovations to continually evolve and meet the needs of the modern car wash customer.


We're moving quickly into a cashless society, but more and more people are also choosing to leave their cards at home. The ANZTEC and ICS entry units offer tap and go payment options which can be used with either cards or mobile phones.


The ANZTEC and ICS car wash entry units allow site owners to program multiple wash options for their customers. Choose between having up to three or four different wash tiers to make your pricing simple and clear.


Having clear pricing tiers will help your customers choose the offering for them. Don't undercharge on your base-level wash, but don't overcharge on the top tier, either. Your customers want the best wash, but they also want a fair price.


Your wash offers are important. If you have too many of them, your customers become confused about what is included. If you price them too high, the perception of value is gone. If you price them too low, you’re losing potential income and reducing ROI.

Pairing clear signage with a simple and easy entry unit will support your customers in their decision-making process, while reducing your own time spent on site selling and explaining your products.


Australia leads the world in contactless card payments, with over 90% of transactions using either VISA payWave or MasterCard PayPass. It has quickly become the preferred method of payment for small transactions under $100, and is a vital value-add for your car wash site.

ANZTEC’s entry units are both waterproof and dustproof, with cloud-based configuration and wireless compatibility giving your customers peace of mind that they’re in safe, secure hands.

Source: Westpac, Latest Data Shows Contactless Payments Approach Saturation Point, 2018

Car Wash Entry Unit


The ANZTEC QW5960Q accepts cash or card, with a Mars note acceptor and Quest-ready CT400 capable of tap and go card payments. Cash options include change, with a 6,000 coin capacity, or $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes. Fitted with a large LCD display, the 5960Q is able to hold 3,000 time and date-stamped log entries, and comes with a matching base that is weighted with poured concrete at the time of installation.

Car Wash Entry Unit


Looking to go completely cashless? The 5962Q is the way to make your site run efficiently with only card and tap and go payments accepted. Perfect for sites such as service stations that would like to minimise cash handling by employees. Fitted with a large LCD display, the 5962Q comes with a matching base that is weighted with poured concrete at the time of installation.

Car Wash Entry Units


The Auto Sentry® Petro is a cost-effective solution for providing your customers with the convenience of a cashless express lane. By dedicating a lane for customers paying by credit card, you can reduce your upfront costs, improve throughput, and enhance customer convenience.

Car Wash Entry Units


Make a great first impression on new customers and continue to wow current customers with the Auto Sentry® flex. This outdoor, unattended point-of-sale terminal welcomes customers to your wash and provides clear and inviting upsell opportunities through video and audio, increasing sales, throughput, and profits.