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Got Some Space? Take Care Of Your Furry Friend

With the cost of land and rent, you should be maximising every square foot of your site. Dog washes are a great way to add an extra revenue stream, engage the entire family and create a point of difference from other businesses in your area.

The best-selling K9000 Dog Wash is made right here in Australia, and if you’ve been to a pet store or car wash lately then you’ve probably seen one in action. With dogs the pet of choice for 39% of families, there’s no better add-on for your site.

(As an added bonus, puppy photos are great for your social media!)


The K9000 was born in 2006 out of technology widely used in car washes. It has since evolved into one of the key drivers of traffic, with Australian families spending $13 billion on pets annually.


Use every inch. The K9000 comes in a range of sizes, from the deluxe dual edition to single units and even compact sizes. Custom fitouts are also available, as is custom branding.


The K9000 Dog Wash features a panel layout similar to that of your iWash Self Serve equipment. It will take the customer from start to finish with no additional guidance required.

Don't Miss Out on A Prime Opportunity

You can get the whole family involved when customers visit your car wash. Make it a destination, not an imposition.

Adding a K9000 Dog Wash to your car wash site adds extra revenue streams from a large percentage of your clientele, utilises small spaces that would otherwise be wasted, and creates engagement for younger members of the family.

Pets are a big industry in Australia. Doggy day care centres, gourmet food, furry Instagram influencers – you name it, and it exists. Self-serve dog washes are not only good for your business’ bottom line, but customers enjoy the cheaper cost compared to a dog salon.

Woof. Woof. Woof.



In 2021, Australians spent money on 5.2 million dog washes, choosing to pamper their pawed pets.



That was just a portion of the $20.5 billion* that Australians spend on their dogs every year. Don't miss out on your chance to earn some of that income.



The average K9000 Dog Wash takes in $17,000 annually, which is more than most of the units cost. You'll start seeing yourself in the black in no time at all, which is part of the reason more than 2,500 K9000 units have been installed.

* Source: Animal Medicines Australia, Pets and the Pandemic, 2021


Tru-Blu have really thought through their potential markets, with a range of different machines available in all shapes and sizes. Your car wash isn’t one-size-fits-all and neither is a K9000.

The machines range from the Compact to the V2.0 and up to the larger, high volume V2.0 Twin. If you want to personalise, then custom designs are also available and you can make your dog wash tie in visually with the rest of your car wash gear.

K9000 dog wash after retrofit

The K9000 Dog Wash units are perfect for near vacuums and vending machines, or in corners that are unused due to turning circles into automatic bays. They’re ideal for ends of structures, and can be covered from the elements with a simple shelter.

Put up a fence to surround your K9000s and you’ve got yourself a Designated Dog Zone… or is it a Puppy Pamper Pen?

K9000 dog wash

The V2.0

Featuring touchpad controls similar to the iWash Self Serve, this unit will be familiar to your customers. Credit card and cash options are built-in. The unit itself uses four soap dispensing pumps, a two-speed blow dryer, onboard hot water options, and an advanced hair filtration system. The tub has a non-slip floor, and it's all made from high-grade stainless steel. All this in a space of just 2.4 metres by 2 metres.

K9000 dog wash

The V2.0 Twin

Go big or go home. If your site can handle it, the V2.0 Twin will double your money for less than double the cost. Housing all of the same superb features as the V2.0, this beast takes up a floor space of just 3.8 metres by 2 metres, which includes not only the unit but also space for pet owners while they clean, as well as setbacks to meet the fencing requirements.

K-9000 dog wash with wrap

Customise Your Look

Don't like the blue and pink? (Crazy!) Well, you can change that up, too. Have your K9000 blend in seamlessly with the rest of your car wash site by getting it custom covered with your own branding and instructions.