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What difference would it make to your bottom line If every customer spent an extra $2?

Carwash World proudly works with Australian manufacturer Prowash, to deploy car wash Vacuums and Vending Machines into car wash sites all across the country.

Customers expect their car wash of choice to have vacuums, fragrances and more. They’re more likely to stick around for longer, which means they’re more likely to spend some extra dollars.


The success of your business comes down to a very important number: how much do each of your customers spend? Some will just use a car wash, of course, but others will spend extra dollars on vacumming and fragrances, tyre shine and more. Make it count.


Vacuums and vending machines run, much like the rest of your site, without staff. That means minimal wages and overheads. Everybody knows how to use a vending machine and a vacuum cleaner.


Prowash also make the iWash Self-Serve system, so you know their products are great. Manufactured right here in Australia, you'll get amazing support and you'll be reassured that restocks are just a phone call away.

Customers want an All-in-one Solution

A car wash site with options is a car wash site that succeeds. Today’s customers know what they want, and have come to expect certain things from their car wash of choice, such as automatic and self serve options, vacuums and vending machines.

You can – and should – stock up your site with all of these. They add dollars per car, meaning you turn a profit quicker by generating more revenue. You also satisfy your customers, who no longer have to stop elsewhere on the way home to complete their wash and clean.

Wash the outside. Clean the inside. Refresh the scent.



Vacuum units are easily housed to the side of your site, usually along the street boundary. Vending machines fit great next to dog washes and coin changers. Again, it's about maximising every square foot of space.



Customers who stick around longer will spend more money. If they vacuum, they're more likely to buy a Little Trees fragrance. When they stay longer, they connect.



Provide the one-stop site where your customer can clean not only the outside of their car but also the inside, as well as driving away with a brand new car smell.


The iVac system specifically for car wash sites. It’s a high quality, long lasting range of machines capable of industrial-level cleaning for cars, running on the same CT400 payment system as the iWash Self Serve units.

Made from stainless steel and built to last, the Turbo Vac features a Smooth-Bor vacuum hose, swivel cuff and nozzle, four washable vacuum filter bags, and an easy clean rubber waste basket.

The payment machines accept card or coins, and have a large hidden shackle American Lock to increase security.

car wash vaccums and vending machines
Select A Vac car wash Vacuum Cleaner

Fragrance Sprays

Some customers want it all, and the Fragramatics gives them that. It's a combined vacuum and fragrance combo unit, with super vac, turbo vac and three fragrances. Customers flick between the options in much the same way as the iWash Self Serve controls, and as you're no doubt aware: more options means more revenue.


Some customers want it all, and the Fragramatics gives them that. It’s a combined vacuum and fragrance combo unit, with super vac, turbo vac and three fragrances. Customers flick between the options in much the same way as the iWash Self Serve controls, and as you’re no doubt aware: more options means more revenue.

carwash world fragrance


Electronic vending machines are an essential addition to any car wash site – they’re really the retail centre of your operation (without the cost of hiring retail staff!).

Products include Armor All, Little Trees air fresheners, bug and tar removers, glass cleaners, anti-fog wipes, vinyl and leather cleaners, towels and more. All at the click of a button!

car wash vacuum and vending machines
car wash vending machine in vacuums and vending machines

3-Column Vending

The DigiMax three-column vending machine is great for the larger items, such as Armor All's Tire & Trim Shine, Protectant and Multi-Purpose Cleaner sponges, as well as towels and various sachets of solution. They feature stainless steel cabinet doors and frames, vend counters and LED displays to show inserted money. With a 72-shelf capacity (three shelves of 24 each) there's plenty of room for your stock, too!

car wash vending machine - little trees in vacuums and vending machines

5-Column Vending

The DigiMax five-column vending machine is perfect for thinner items, such as the best-selling Little Trees range of air fresheners. Australia's top-selling car air freshener, Little Trees have been around since the 1950s and are synonymous with value and reliability. You can fit 180 units in the machine, with five shelves of 36 fragrances. The same high quality build and payment options are available in both 3 and 5-column machines.