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Con-Serv Water Recycling Units

Carwash World has been proudly distributing Con-Serv water recycling units Australia wide for many years with over 100 units out in the field.
Enjoy the benefits of immediate savings when you invest in a water recycling system for your car wash. Without a water recycling system, not only are you going to be paying more for water usage but also for wastewater removal & disposal.

save 200 litres

Is your business prepared if we experience another severe drought & water restrictions are imposed?

Important reasons for incorporating a Water Reclaim system into you car wash site:

  • Lower overheads; reduce use of fresh water
  • Be prepared for water restrictions. Avoid council imposed closures & market your car wash to drive sales
  • Reduce environmental footprint

CON-SERV Water Recovery Systems consists of two (2) independent pumping systems:

• The Primary Micro Pore Filtration System
• The Ozone Re-Circulation System

The Primary Filtration Systems consists of a high volume process pump , with an associated filtration array designed for maximum water quality while providing a high volume of wash water to be reused in professional carwash equipment.
The system is designed to receive wastewater collected from the wash sump/holding tank system and to process this water to remove all particulate matter of greater than twentyfive (25) micron, the size of a single white blood cell.

In addition, the filtration system is designed to remove oils, road film, and waxes which causes deterioration in overall recovered water quality.
The Ozone Re-Circulation System is operated independently of the filtration systems on a continuous basis to treat all water held in system storage tanks.

The Re-Circulation System utilizes a patent injector system, which provides a 99% transfer rate of ozone to stored water.
The powerful Ozone Re-Circulation System de-emulsifies waxes, and removes dyes from solution, so they may be easily captured by the micro pore filtration system described above.

The ozone in the water also acts as an oxidizing agent to kill bacteria and algae by limiting organic build-up, which is commonly associated with odours found in reclaimed water.

After the wastewater has been treated by these two synergistic systems, the water will be of a quality ready to wash another vehicle.

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