Water Recycling System for Car Washes

Water is the most important resource in the world. With the rapidly rising cost of water and its lack of availability in some areas, the water recycling system is an  important part of any process or wastewater stream.
Is your business prepared if we experience another severe drought & water restrictions are imposed? There’s many important reasons for incorporating a water reclaim system into your car wash site.

  • Lower your overheads by reducing your use of fresh water supply
  • With Australia’s harsh & sometimes unpredictable climates, water restrictions are common. The ability to promote your water recovery system becomes an effective marketing tool & sales driver for your car wash site
  • Reduce your environmental footprint & let your customers know you care about the planet
  • Driveway to Waterway. Driveway washing is harmful to the environment. A lot of people don’t realise that whatever goes into the stormwater pipes flows directly into our waterways – with no treatment or filtering. Washing at a car wash site that uses a water reclamation system is protecting the waterways from pollutants.

There’s a lot of technology that has gone into the design of these products using reverse osmosis to treat the water to remove any particles & sediment ensuring it is clean enough to be used on paintwork.

As a guide, our users can recycle 80% of the water consumed in the autowash using a water-recovery system. Using recycled water, you save 200 litres per car at a minimum.

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