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Be Eco Friendly, Save Up to 200 Litres of Water Per Car

Enjoy the benefits of immediate savings when you invest in a car wash water recycling system for your automatic car wash. Without a water recycling system, not only are you going to be paying more for water usage but also for wastewater removal and disposal.

Pair your automatic PDQ LaserWash™ 360 Plus unit with a water recycling system and start saving immediately, while also demonstrating your site’s eco-consciousness.


Using recycled water, your automatic car wash bays will save approximately 200 litres per car at a minimum. With the rapidly rising cost of water, conserving yours is an important part of any process.


Is your business prepared if Australia experiences further droughts and water restrictions? Safeguard your income by staying ahead of the competition with a car wash water recycling system.


Reducing the use of fresh water lowers your overheads in multiple ways. Not only are you paying less for water usage, but you'll also save money by reducing the amount of wastewater removal and disposal you'll have to do.

Water is your most Important Resource

In fact, it’s the most important resource in the world. No life or industry would exist without it – and definitely not the humble car wash. Reclaim your water with a car wash water recycling unit and become eco-friendly in the process.

People are putting added value in ‘going green’. Caring for the environment is more important than ever, and a huge incentive for choosing one brand over another for many customers.

Your car wash will stand out from the very beginning by marketing itself as the responsible alternative. Best of all? All you need is a 1.5m x 1.5m footprint on your site.

Caring. Economical. Ecological.



Flow the water used by your customers into the bay drainage system and through to a wash sump / holding tank.



An advanced filtration system will remove oils, road film and waxes, as well as any particulate matter greater than the size of a single white blood cell.



The filtered, clean water goes back into use, alleviating pressure on new water use and saving you money.


The Water Recycling units work by utilising two distinct systems – the Primary Micro Pore Filtration System and the Ozone Re-Circulation System.

After your wasterwater has been treated by these two synergistic systems, the water will be of a quality acceptable and ready to wash another customer’s vehicle.

Car wash water recycling unit

Primary Micro Pore Filtration

The filtration system is designed to receive wastewater collected from the wash sump/holding tank system and to process this water to remove all particulate matter of greater than twenty five (25) microns - the size of a single white blood cell. In addition, the filtration system is designed to remove oils, road film and waxes which can cause deterioration in overall recovered water quality.

Purclean car wash water recycling unit

Ozone Re-Circulation

Operated independently of the filtration system, the Re-Circulation System utilises a patent injector system on a continuous basis to treat all water held in system storage tanks. This provides a 99% transfer rate of ozone to stored water, de-emulsifying waxes and removing dyes from solution so they may be easily captured by the Micro Pore Filtration System. The ozone in the water acts as an oxidizing agent to kill bacteria and algae by limiting organic build-up, which is commonly associated with odours found in reclaimed water.

Car wash water recycling chart