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Upgrade Foam Generators for Enhanced Foam Coverage: PDQ LaserWash™ 360 Plus

At Carwash World, we’re dedicated to enhancing the wash experience for our customers. Discover how to upgrade foam generators in the 3xfoam feature of LaserWash™ 360 Plus models to achieve better coverage and visual appeal. If you’re a car wash owner considering this upgrade, follow our simple tutorial below.

Materials Needed

  • Short multi grips
  • Long nose pliers
  • Hook tool
  • Foaming Mesh (Prowash PDQ91999)


  1. Lift Up Back Bridge Cover: Begin by lifting the back bridge cover of your PDQ LaserWash™ 360 Plus to access the foamer assembly.
  2. Release Hoses in Push Lock Fitting to Foamer: Carefully release hoses connected to the foamer from push-lock fittings to ensure a clear workspace.
  3. Unscrew White Cap on End of Foamer: Using short multi grips, unscrew the white cap at the foamer’s end to access internal components.
  4. Remove Bottle Brush from Foam Generator: Use long nose pliers or a hook tool to gently remove the bottle brush from the foam generator.
  5. Cut Scotch Brite to Create Strip: Cut a piece of Scotch Brite to match the dimensions of the original foam generator brush.
  6. Insert in a Twist and Push Motion: Insert the Scotch Brite strip into the foam generator, ensuring even positioning and coverage.
  7. Re-thread and Screw Cap Back On: Securely re-thread the white cap onto the foamer to hold the Scotch Brite strip in place.
  8. Reconnect Hoses and Test for Leaks: Carefully reconnect hoses to the foamer using push-lock fittings. Test for leaks and proper foam dispensing

Important Tips

  • Aim for a Scotch Brite strip size that replicates the original brush for optimal foam generation.
  • Use a screwdriver to assist in securely placing the strip.
  • Avoid cross-threading when re-threading the white cap to prevent damage.


By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth process for upgrading foam generators in your PDQ LaserWash™ 360 Plus, promoting equipment longevity and efficiency. Reach out to the Carwash World team for further assistance or guidance! 

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