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This regional New South Wales car wash has great exposure on a main road, is next door to a service station and has an immediate catchment of 15,000-plus people.

This site was dilapidated and tired. The current owner had lost interest in the business and subsequently handed over the business to experienced new owners who could see its massive potential and were happy to give the car wash a retrofit.

The new owners realised the potential of automatic bays, converting the site from self serve-only.

2010 TODAY


Conversion of a single self serve bay into an automatic, with a brand new LaserWash™ 360 installed with OverGlow and High Side Blasters.

Upgraded their entire site to use quality Blendco chemicals instead of cheap generics, a move that ensures a high calibre wash result and pleases customers.

Updated the self serve bays to include Carnauba Splatter Wax, as well as doing a major fine tuning on faulty pumps and plant equipment which was compromising the integrity of the wash finish and increasing overheads.

Switched out the old entry unit to a Hamilton service kiosk, capable of RFID, discount codes and wash club options.

Installed a K9000 Dog Wash and vending machines, and replaced the motors in all of the existing vacuum cleaner units.

The site updated their branding and signage, with painting providing a much needed cosmetic refresh that was eye catching.

Finally, improved lighting and security for after hours cleaning was also installed at the site, making it safer and more welcoming.



  0 cars per day

(with no automatic bay)


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  50-70 cars per day


In the months since this retrofit and upgrade, Muswell Wash experienced a range of benefits – for both customers and the business.

Revenue increased dramatically now that the site had an automatic bay, with between 350 and 500 cars going through the bay on a weekly basis, creating income that didn’t exist before. Remember – some customers will never use self serve, so those customers never visited this site.

They realised excellent ROI and customer spend with the introduction of Overglow and High Side Blasters to their wash packages, adding both a dollar and consumer perceived value.

Blendco chemicals provided a cost effective, superior wash result. This left customers pleased and more likely to return again.

The self serve bay increased from $6 per car up to $9 per car, a 50% increase on customer spend. This was partly due to the face plates on the self serve equipment now working, but also due to the cleaner looking bays, superior chemicals and reliable equipment.

Bucketloads of positive feedback was received by the business on the changes. The car wash acquired new regulars and brought back previously dissatisfied customers as word of mouth spread.

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