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Initially this regional NSW site was cleaning approximately 10 cars per day in the automatic.

The car wash itself needed a major overhaul as far as updating broken and dated equipment in the self serve bays and improving the chemical delivery.

Quality Blendco soaps were introduced in the automatic as well as offering convenient payment options such as credit card facilities.

A major emphasis was on improving the overall customer experience and repairing the perception of the wash within the local community.

After picture Aquarius Car Wash Upgrade


Removed their ageing LaserWash™ 4000 friction brush automatic and retrofitted their bay to a brand new LaserWash™ 360 Plus with various add-ons, including Dryer and Overglow systems.

Upgraded their entire site to use quality Blendco chemicals instead of cheap generics, a move that ensures a high calibre wash result and pleases customers.

Updated the self serve bays to include Carnauba Splatter Wax, and new booms were installed along with simple push button face plates.

Switched out the old entry unit to a Hamilton service kiosk, capable of RFID, discount codes and wash club options.

The site also updated their signage, with the top wash taking up majority space on the new price boards and highlighted in a different colour, instantly drawing the eye to this option and creating an added perception of value.

Finally, improved lighting and security for after hours cleaning was also installed at the site, making it safer and more welcoming.



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  10 cars per day


car icon blue car icon blue car icon blue car icon blue car icon blue

  35-50 cars per day


In the months since this retrofit and upgrade, Aquarius Taree experienced a range of benefits – for both customers and the business.

They significantly increased the amount of cars going through the automatic on a daily basis due to the much faster wash speed of the LaserWash™ 360 Plus. The increase was in the vicinity of 250% – that’s right, more than TRIPLE the business! – from 10 cars per day to between 35 and 50.

The site started seeing an increase in the number of cars washed outside of regular 9-5 trading hours thanks to increased lighting and security. Previously, zero cars were washed at night.

They increased their ROI and customer spend with the introduction of Dryers and Overglow to their wash packages, adding both a dollar and consumer perceived value.

Blendco chemicals provided a cost effective, superior wash result. This left customers pleased and more likely to return again. Customers spent an average of $7 per car in self serve bays, up from $5 (a 40% increase!).

Bucketloads of positive feedback was received by the business on the changes. The car wash acquired new regulars and brought back previously dissatisfied customers as word of mouth spread.

Switching out the LaserWash™ 4000 meant that maintenance overheads and downtime were significantly reduced, which led to more operating hours and less time and money spent on technical issues.

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