Updating technologies, increasing ROI & lowering maintenance overheads

This car wash was running with a Laserwash 4000 & it was time to retrofit to the vastly improved model, the Laserwash 360+. The updated PDQ Manufacturing technologies in the Laserwash 360+ far surpassed its predecessor.

This Sheidow Park site now benefits from faster wash cycles & an increased number of cars washed per hour.

And let’s just all take a minute appreciate the quality signage these guys have on display!

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  • Significantly increased the amount of cars going through the automatic on a daily basis.
  • Increase on ROI with the introduction of Dryers, Overglow & High Side Blasters adding both a dollar & a consumer perceived value to the wash package.
  • Velocity chemicals provided a cost effective, superior wash result.
  • Lowered maintenance overheads by replacing an ageing machine.
  • Retrofitted from a Laserwash 4000 to a Laserwash 360 Plus with Dryer, Laserglow, Overglow & High Side Blaster systems..
  • Introduced quality Velocity chemicals to ensure a high calibre wash result.