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Automatic Car Washes

We have multiple Car Wash operating systems available.
Please reference the below options:
In-Bay Automatics or Tunnel Wash Systems

In-Bay Automatics – Touchless & Friction

An in-bay is an automatic car wash where a vehicle drives into the wash bay & equipment moves around the vehicle to clean it.  Touchless, is where only high-pressure water & chemicals are used to clean the car. Friction washes, on the other hand, use a combination of soft cloth materials, chemicals & water to clean a car.

The newest LaserWash® in bay automatic car wash. Supreme reliability teamed with the industry’s fastest ROI. 


tandem surfline

TANDEM SURFLINEThe Tandem Surfline’s innovative design provides a soft touch clean like no other. Two bridge, two brush overhead design.


Tunnel Wash Systems

A tunnel car wash system works by pulling the vehicle through an enclosed tunnel. There is a series of equipment that works like a production line to clean the vehicle. Most tunnels use a combination of soft cloth, chemical & water applications.


The insta-KLEEN™ system can easily take the punishment of washing large volume vehicle fleets with consistent reliable results each and every time.


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