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Bringing over 25 years technical car washing experience, Paul is out on the road & ready to support you. He specialises in effective chemical delivery for car wash businesses. How he can help:

  • Titrate & test chemicals to ensure premium performance
  • Run cost analysis calculations to identify true cost per wash
  • Assess your car wash site to give you tips on maximising your sites ROI

More technical coverage for you

As we grow, so does the amount of vans we have on the road available to you.
Alongside Paul, we have 2 new service technicians joining our technical team.

Lee – NSW Service Technician 
0412 330 034
Adam – SA Service Technician
0419 810 558
Enacon Car Wash - Norwest



Our New Home!

We’ve moved into a great new office & warehouse space in Dural. You can pop in for a visit, we make great coffee & always have biscuits.

Carwash World

Need to Know Info

Don’t forget there has been an update to the existing crimped funnel type drum cap on all Blendco 6 gallon drums/pails. This has been upgraded to an improved standard screw cap.
Blendco have created an informative video that shows the pail stinger change over process: 


(This video has a lot of detail, however, if you want to just watch the actual change over please skip forward to 1:45)

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