Tommy Car Wash Tunnel Systems

Tunnel Wash Systems

The future of high turnover car washing is changing. Carwash World are now Australian wide distributors of Tommy Car Wash tunnel systems. Express Car Wash Tunnels, at capacity, can clean in an hour the same amount of cars an in bay automatic can clean in one day.

When would I consider a car wash tunnel?

  • You have a high traffic site & are looking to eliminate wait times
  • You have a difficult or long block to build on
  • You’re located in a high density area
  • You’re looking for a premiere quality friction car wash that addresses common concerns from touchless models, such as being able to remove heavy grime on wheels & bumpers whilst still being gentle on vehicles

Owners of Tunnel Car Wash systems can accomplish a complete wash cycle that includes a dryer in less than 2 ½ minutes. Washing your customers cars just got faster & easier.


The Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor

Tommy Car Wash Systems and AVW jointly invented the Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor System over 10 years ago. This revolution in car wash technology processes more cars per hour, accommodates more vehicles, and reduces loading anxiety for customers and operators alike.

Improve Customer Comfort

Intimidated customers don’t buy car washes, so we created a system that makes loading easy and comfortable. Clear video and audio instructions with a larger target make for a better experience from the start.

Safe and Secure Loading

The Tommy Transport Dual Belt Conveyor catches and guides all four tires simultaneously, controlling each car and protecting your equipment against damage caused by customer braking or parking.

Bigger Wash Counts

The Transporter Belt Conveyor offers a huge advantage over washes running old chain and roller systems. Repeat customers are soon self-loading faster and closer than ever, dramatically boosting your wash’s daily capacity!

Best Results

Delivering great wash results is everything, which is why we recommend twin sets of All-In-One Clean Combos in all systems 110′ and longer.

Modular Installation

Standardized, modular packages result in a more coordinated installation and consistent functionality, from plumbing to applications and hydraulics.

Consistent Performance

Paired all-in-one systems are critical components in some of the highest producing sites in the world, processing over 200 cars per hour without sacrificing quality.

No two car wash sites are the same. Contact the Carwash World Sales team today to discuss the opportunity of higher volumes of cleaner cars for your business.