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Car Wash Chemistry

Titration Testing: Blendco Rhino Brite Plus


When washing cars with a touchless automatic car wash, testing the strength & concentration of your chemicals is critical for ensuring a consistent, quality clean. Touch free automatic car washes don’t utilise the added friction from brushes to remove contaminants, so your soaps must be performing at optimal levels for a clean & shiny finish. The other consideration is that you don’t want to be using too much chemical which is both un-economical to your business & can potentially cause damage to vehicles.

How often should you titrate?

Optimally, we say weekly. Do you want to risk 3 weeks out of every month running at the wrong levels & upset customers?

Titration test kits can be purchased from Prowash here.

titration kit

Rhino Brite Plus Test Procedure

(First presoak pass) 

  1. Collect soap sample from auto wash and leave for 10mins for foam to settle
  2. Pour sample into glass test tube until completely full
    (liquid only no foam)
  3. Pour glass test tube into plastic test bottle
  4. Add 4 drops of blue indicator to the test bottle
    (sample will turn yellow)
  5. Fill the yellow marked dropper to the top line with 1X Titration Alkali (yellow label)
  6. Slowly add the titration alkali from the dropper to the test bottle, swirl bottle to mix,
    STOP adding when colour changes from yellow to blue.
  7. Count down from the top line starting at 0 to the new liquid level in the dropper.
    Each mark is 10 drops, you can estimate drops if in between marks.
  8. Target titration for Rhino Brite Plus is between 25-35drops.
Paul Davies
Not at 25-35 drops & not sure what to do? We have our own resident Soap Technician. Give him a call & he can answer your questions:
Paul – Soap Technician
0419 668 987

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