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An innovative design that takes friction cleaning to a new level. PDQ has taken the Tandem Surfline to a new level, changing the friction in-bay automatic wash industry with a soft-touch machine like no other. The Tandem Surfline provides your customers with an exceptional wash experience incorporating an overhead design that creates a wide-open, easy-to-use wash bay. This innovative design is safe and inviting for your customers while offering all the revenue-generating features that will keep them coming back again and again. No other friction machine navigates around the vehicle as precisely as the Tandem Surfline, which ensures complete and optimal cleaning coverage for a wide variety of vehicle types, including duallys.

Tandem Surfline

The PDQ Advantage

  • Increased throughput with a fast, efficient cleaning process
  • Open-Bay Configuration – inviting and safe for your customers
  • Remote Monitoring and Configuration
  • Low Water and Chemical Consumption
  • Low Maintenance
  • Aircraft-Grade Anodized Aluminium Bridge and Main Rails
  • Non-corrosive materials used – stainless and aluminum
  • New low-/high-pressure pump design improves functionality and lowers maintenance costs
  • Ultimate Cover Package
  • Second side brush for improved cleaning efficiency
  • Exceptional Distributor Support
  • 24/7 PDQ Technical Service Support
Unlike other soft-touch wash systems, the Tandem Surfline’s overhead design creates an entirely open wash bay for a more inviting environment for your customers. Navigation in and out of the bay becomes easy for everyone, no matter what type of vehicle. With completely retractable side brushes and a top brush, the Tandem Surfline is capable of washing all standard-sized production vehicles, including large SUVs, pick ups & dual cabs.

Two Bridges/Two Side Brushes/Two
Cleaning Technologies
The Tandem Surfline’s two-bridge design allows multiple cleaning processes to take place at one time, speeding up the wash cycle, and allowing fast and efficient vehicle cleaning while optimising the amount of water and chemicals used during the wash process. Two overhead bridges work in unison to easily navigate around and over the vehicle, seamlessly adjusting speed and positions to ensure complete and superior cleaning.
The two profiling side brushes remove stubborn dirt from the vehicle’s surface, while the widest top brush in the industry ensures full cleaning on top surface areas. This unique wash experience creates one of the quietest washes with very gentle vehicle contact, providing a worry-free and enjoyable wash every time. The Tandem Surfline offers a combination of both friction and high-pressure touch-free washing. Full body detergent coverage plus high-pressure services, from both the side and the top, ensures a consistent, high-quality wash for every vehicle.

Structural Integrity
The Tandem Surfline mounting system provides the flexibility to fit into a wide variety of wash-bay configurations. The Surfline can be installed as a Free-Standing Frame or a Wall-Mounted machine. The New Wall-Mount System offers an open-bay feeling unlike any other light-touch machine in the industry, while the Free-Standing Frame can be used where the walls may not be structurally sufficient.

The main support rails can be adjusted during installation to accommodate various wash bay lengths. In addition, the Precision-Loading System allows longer vehicles to fit comfortably into shorter wash bays, essentially making your wash bay one foot longer.

Non-Corrosive Materials Used

Materials Used
All stainless steel and aluminium is used for excellent resistance to water and chemical
corrosion and for its durability and lightweight
properties. The shape of the anodized
extruded aluminum rails in the bridges and
trolley allows for an enclosed roller design,
resulting in extremely low roller resistance
and reduced power requirements…LESS
power consumed = MORE $ saved!!!

Driver or passenger side-mounted factory
preloaded energy chain for easy and
low-cost installation

Roller Inside
Bridge and trolley movements are smooth
and effortless using internally mounted
dual-axis rollers. The hanging design allows
self-centering and improves roller life by
protecting the rollers from the harsh wash

Speed = Increased Revenue
Simplified engineering and high-quality
materials provide the optimal balance
between initial investment and long-term
profitability. Substantially faster wash
speeds increase vehicle throughput,
resulting in shorter wash lines that will
please your customers and keep them
coming back.

Advanced Solution Application

Advanced Solution Application
PDQ is recognized as the industry’s leader when applying fluids, solutions and sealants to vehicles due to the availability of efficient and consistent wash systems that cover the wide variety of vehicles that drivers bring to wash sites. The Tandem Surfline can also sense open-bed pickup trucks, eliminating the application of various solutions in areas where it is not required, reducing the cost per wash. All fluid, solutions and sealants are now provided from off-board pump panels and pump stations, which increases serviceability and adds durability to the Tandem Surfline.
As with all PDQ Wash Systems, you can also increase your revenue per vehicle with upselling features that will allow your customers to maximise their wash experience.

Front Bug Prep

PDQ’s exclusive Front Bug Prep can increase revenue without adding time to the wash process. Customers love this feature, which focuses on hard-to-clean areas like the windshield, back sides of mirrors and the front of vehicles.
3X Color Foam System

3X Colour Foam System

Upsell with this colorful feature! The 3X Colour Foam Applicator can apply three-colour foam solutions to the vehicle. Your customers, and your customer’s children, will watch this product with awe as it covers their vehicle in a rainbow of colours.
OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System

OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System

The OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System drapes the vehicle in a thick sheet of cleaning solution with strategically placed bright LED lights further enhancing the customer experience while ensuring performance.
Super Sealant System

Super Sealant System

Protect the surface of the vehicle with our Super Sealant System. This option protects the clear coat and helps maintain the shine of your customer’s vehicles, as well as being an excellent revenue generator.

High-Pressure Services
The Tandem Surfline can be equipped with high-pressure side blasters and an overhead high-pressure manifold. This hybrid friction and touch-free wash technology allows you to differentiate your wash site from your competition. Each side arm will accurately profile the vehicle and offers powerful rotating nozzles that focus on the vehicle’s lower body sides. The optional high-pressure top manifold can assist with snow and ice removal, provide faster rinsing and, of course, superior cleaning performance.

High-Pressure Side Cleaners/Gatling Guns
Differentiate yourself from competitors with High-Pressure Tower Side Blasters or Gatling Guns. Both offer enhanced cleaning capabilities for the wheel, tyre and rocker-panel areas. Designed to work in conjunction with underbody service lines, these high-pressure components are powerful cleaning tools.

Advanced Tyre and Wheel Cleaners

One of the most difficult areas of vehicles to clean are the wheels. PDQ’s TriPlex Wheel Cleaning System takes tyre scrubbing to a new level. Each tyre receives a chemical application allowing for dwell time and the wheel receives an intense bi-directional rotational scrubbing, followed by a full-wheel high-pressure blast. The Tandem Surfline can alternatively be equipped with touch-free high-pressure wheel and tyre cleaners. With up to 1,000 psi of washing pressure, these strategically positioned zero degree rotating nozzles will blast off dirt and grime from difficult to- clean wheel/rim areas. Advanced built-in software allows you to do double wheel passes and/or clean the entire rocker panel between the wheels.
Swing Air


The Tandem Surfline can be equipped with either a completely integrated drying system for smaller bays, or a stand-alone dryer in either a four-or six-producer configuration. The SwingAir Synchronised Motion Drying System is also available, which uses motion in the centre two producers to push water off the vehicle’s top surface, allowing the two outside producers to focus on drying the sides of the vehicle. The SwingAir option is available on both integrated and stand-alone drying systems. The Tandem Surfline also offers PDQ’s advanced FlashDry System, which reduces the drying cycle time. The concept is simple: it’s easier to keep water in motion than it is to start motion. The high-velocity air moves the rinse water rapidly across the vehicle, not allowing it to settle on the surface, for a quality dry in an efficient manner.
ProGlow Illumination System

ProGlow Illumination System

Provide your customers with an exceptional wash experience and get your wash noticed. The ProGlow Illumination System will improve customer flow and can illuminate the wash bay 24/7/365, whether or not there is a vehicle present. It can display multiple colour-combination flashing patterns or constant colored illumination that matches the brand image. A glow from the wash bay is a highly effective marketing tool, attracting new customers while keeping existing customers coming back.

Ultimate Cover Package

The Tandem Surfline cover package offers a state-of-the-art look that is sure to impress customers. In addition to its unique looks, the cover package reduces machine exposure to harsh wash-bay environments.

Web-Based Tandem Surfline Interface Software
Standard with every Tandem Surfline is an advanced browser-based wash-control system that provides access to all key operating functions without the need for additional software.
Through the password-protected software you can program wash packages and machine functions, monitor sales activity, obtain real time wash data and eliminate unnecessary wash site visits. The Tandem Surfline can also be programed to automatically send alerts to any computer, tablet or smartphone, providing instant updates on wash activities and critical issues occurring at wash locations. This easy-to program capability keeps you in touch with sites from anywhere, at any time.

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