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Purchasing equipment is just the start of your relationship with your supplier. You buy based on the ongoing service & support your supplier can offer you.

Irrespective of the equipment you choose, you’ll never be happy if you’re not receiving the continual technical expertise you’ll require in the form of local & available technicians. Carwash World has 8 full time technicians with 2 of these dedicated solely to service call outs.

Buying from Carwash World is buying reliability & peace of mind that we’re here when you need us.

If you don’t schedule regular servicing on your car wash equipment, rest assured your equipment will schedule it for you.

Given that your car washing equipment is your income, six monthly scheduled services should be regarded not as an unnecessary expense but as a means to protect your investment. These services greatly reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns & downtime. Our technicians work off a detailed site service checklist that ensures all of your car wash equipment is running at optimal performance & delivering an exceptional clean for your customers.

Carwash World is available to perform car wash maintenance services & breakdown assistance on a range of in-bay automatic & self serve systems, RO units, dog washes & more.

With over 70+ years car washing experience & 150+ customers, you can rest assured you will receive expert technical advice from the team.