Retrofit of an eminent site from the Carlovers days

Retrofit of an eminent site from the Carlovers days

This site was purchased after the closure of the Carlovers franchise within Australia. At the time their automatic machine was a dated Laserwash 4000 that had been running for 15+ years & was due for renewal due to the advancements in wash technology. The owners naturally opted for a Laserwash 360 Plus model knowing how reliable their previous machine had been for many years.

Being savvy owners they also included Dryers, Overglow, Laserglow & High Side Blasters knowing the value it adds to both the customer & their bottom line. The site also had a full Self Service upgrade opting for the polished look of lucabond panels over top of the old tiles. New vacuums, change machine & an ANZTEC entry unit finished off the retrofit accordingly.

The Result

  • Increase on ROI with the introduction of Dryers, Overglow & High Side Blasters adding both a dollar & a consumer perceived value to the wash package.
  • Lowered maintenance overheads by replacing a machine over 15 years old
  • Excellent reviews & feedback from new & regular customers

Work Undertaken

  • Retroffited from a 15 year old Laserwash 4000 to the new model Laserwash 360+ with Overglow, Laserglow, High Side Blasters & Dryers.
  • Full update of the self serve bays, from a dated, aged appearance to a clean, modern look using lucabond panels & new equipment such as high pressure guns & Splatterwax.
  • ANZTEC entry added to the Laserwash 360+


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