Retrofit of an eminent site from the Carlovers days

This site was purchased after the closure of the Carlovers franchise within Australia. At the time their automatic machine was a dated Laserwash 4000 that had been running for 15+ years & was due for renewal due to the advancements in wash technology. The owners naturally opted for a Laserwash 360 Plus model knowing how reliable their previous machine had been for many years.

Being savvy owners they also included Dryers, Overglow, Laserglow & High Side Blasters knowing the value it adds to both the customer & their bottom line. The site also had a full Self Service upgrade opting for the polished look of lucabond panels over top of the old tiles. New vacuums, change machine & an ANZTEC entry unit finished off the retrofit accordingly.

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  • Increase on ROI with the introduction of Dryers, Overglow & High Side Blasters adding both a dollar & a consumer perceived value to the wash package.
  • Lowered maintenance overheads by replacing a machine over 15 years old
  • Excellent reviews & feedback from new & regular customers
  • Retroffited from a 15 year old Laserwash 4000 to the new model Laserwash 360+ with Overglow, Laserglow, High Side Blasters & Dryers.
  • Full update of the self serve bays, from a dated, aged appearance to a clean, modern look using lucabond panels & new equipment such as high pressure guns & Splatterwax.
  • ANZTEC entry added to the Laserwash 360+