Out with the old Istobel & in with a new touchless Laserwash machine

This fuel station site underwent a major revamp & reopened under the Shell banner to be an all in one convenience offer.

The antiquated Istobel was binned to retrofit the leading touchless automatic, the Laserwash 360 Plus.

The Hamilton Goldline entry system means customers can purchase a discounted car wash with fuel purchases or simply drive up & purchase without needing to leave their vehicle.

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  • Increase on ROI & lower overheads by removing the ageing, costly equipment.
  • The new Blendco chemicals provided a more thorough wash result & improved chemical delivery.
  • Gaining a whole new customer base who prefer a friction-free wash.
  • The ability to offer discounted car wash offers with fuel purchases.
  • Retrofitted from an old friction Istobel to a Laserwash 360 Plus.
  • A Hamilton Goldline Entry Unit was installed – the station is able to sell tickets for the car wash inside or customers can simply purchase at the entry.
  • We introduced Blendco chemicals, ensuring a superior wash every time in the Laserwash