Converting a run down self serve only site to a successful profit centre

Converting a run down self serve only site to a successful profit centre with a Laserwash 360


This regional NSW car wash has great exposure on a main road, is next door to a service station & has an immediate catchment of 15000+.

This site was dilapidated & tired. The current owner had lost interest in the business & subsequently handed over the business to experienced new owners who could see it’s massive potential & were happy to give the car wash a retrofit.

Before: 0 cars per day on average as there was no auto

After: 50 – 70 cars per day

Self Serve: increased by $3 per car on average

The Result

  • Increased revenue overall by the addition of the Laserwash 360 automatic which runs 24/7
  • Average dollar in the self serve bay increased from $6 to $9 on average per car simply due to the fact the faceplates in the Self Serve bays were actually working!
  • The new Blendco chemicals were providing a more thorough wash result.
  • Positive & regular consumer feedback. The wash acquired new regular washers with the introduction of an automatic wash as well as gaining back some previously unhappy customers.

Work Undertaken

  • Converted one self serve bay to an Automatic Laserwash 360 with Overglow & High Side Blaster systems.
  • The entry system was upgraded to a Hamilton Kiosk incorporating RFID, discount codes, wash club options & tap & go payment.
  • The whole site underwent a simple yet highly effective cosmetic refresh, painting, bold updated branding & new signage.
  • All Self Serve bays received a major refresh with updated equipment such as new booms & faceplates.
  • Introduction of Blendco chemicals instead of the cheap generic brand that was currently being used resulting in a far superior wash result & reducing cost per wash
  • Added Splatterwax with Carnauba to the self serve bays
  • Installed a K9000 dog wash plus vending machines to the customer offer as well as replacing all motors in the vacuums.
  • Fine tuning of faulty plant equipment which was compromising the integrity of the wash results & in turn decreasing overheads.
  • Improved lighting & security for after hours cleaning.


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