Improving customer retention by adding a second automatic & upgrading

This thriving site with experienced owners had a goal of aiming to prevent customer drive offs during peak periods. We installed two LaserWash 360+ machines to this car wash, converting a self serve bay to accomodate a second automatic, as well as a retrofit of the current machine ticks all of the boxes for customer retention & happiness.

Experienced car wash operators, such as these, know the importance of investing into their business & continually improving their offer to customers. Faster wash cycles & shorter wait times are a winning combination for growth.

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  • Increase in the number of cars cleaned
  • With the updated technologies the vehicles are now being washed faster.
  • Massive potential for continued growth now that wait times have been addressed.
  • Increase on ROI with the introduction of Dryers, Overglow & High Side Blasters adding both a dollar & a consumer perceived value to the wash package.
  • A more positive experience for customers with faster wash cycles & shorter wait time.
  • Retroffited a PDQ M5 to a Laserwash 360+
  • Added a second Laserwash 360+ in a converted self serve bay
  • Added another ANZTEC entry unit to service the new car wash