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Belanger’s insta-KLEEN™ is a high volume drive through fleet wash system that is engineered for continuous reliable performance. Whether you offer vehicles for rent, lease, or sale, the insta-KLEEN’s fast, superior wash results will help keep your vehicles looking their best. Built for heavy-duty use, ultimate cleaning speed, and ease of installation, the insta-KLEEN™ delivers maximum performance with every wash. We use only the highest grade materials, like aircraft-grade aluminium, high-density plastics, and state-of-the-art electronics to ensure that your wash is up and running when you need it. The insta-KLEEN™ system can easily take the punishment of washing large volume vehicle fleets with consistent reliable results each and every time.


Wash Cars Your Way – Rental Cars, Dealerships, Fleet

As with all Belanger wash systems, the insta-KLEEN™ is designed around a very flexible wash configuration model that enables you, the customer, to build the wash solution that best meets your needs. In fact, it is easy to add a conveyor, additional wash components, dryers, or chemical applicators to further expand your options. Then turn your investment into an additional revenue centre and gain the upper hand over your competition.

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The Heavy-Duty Drive-Thru Car Wash
The insta-KLEEN™ by Belanger is a severe-duty, drive-thru car wash system designed with the needs of car dealers, rental car agencies and other fleet customers in mind. Based on Belanger’s industry-leading Classic™ tunnel line, the field-proven insta-KLEEN draws on decades of engineering know-how to create the simplest, most rugged wash system possible.
Built on the strength of our aircraft-grade aluminium framework, the insta-KLEEN stands the test of time with a minimum of moving parts. Where motion is required, the insta-KLEEN relies on automotive-rated bearings or lube-free pivot points for minimal maintenance needs and easy servicing

Unlike ‘rollover’ systems that must move the entire wash unit over each vehicle, making multiple passes up and down floor-mounted ‘train tracks,’ the insta-KLEEN framework is a pillar of strength that remains in place for the ultimate in structural integrity.

Of course, cars are designed to move – and do so in a highly controllable way. The insta-KLEEN leverages this fact, standing ready to wash any vehicle driven through its guiderails. This drive-thru wash format is unparalleled in its throughput – commonly delivering a clean car every 60 seconds.
Simply put, with the insta-KLEEN, ‘if you can drive the car, you can wash it.’ Any employee can wash cars as needed – whether it’s a salesperson, mechanic or porter – with a minimum of training. And because the wash takes only 60 seconds, the payroll expense is both minimal and well-distributed.

Cuts Utility & Maintenance Costs

Since the insta-KLEEN doesn ‘t move over the car, there is no wasted motion – and its electrical use is lower than any rollover. In fact, the entire system can use as little as 4 HP of electrical power.
Water use is less too – since the insta-KLEEN is designed to clean in a single pass. Unlike rollovers that must make multiple passes over the vehicle, the insta-KLEEN is built to wash the car effectively in one shot – using as few as 20 GPM of water total (and as little as 6 GPM of fresh water).
What’s more, the ‘wear parts’ on the insta-KLEEN are all bolt-on items that are designed for easy accessibility, simple maintenance, and expedient replacement as needed – thereby preserving the structural components for a lifetime of positive returns on your car wash investment.


Cuts utility expenses and elmininates hydraulic system maintenenace, with efficient electric drive on all components.
Saves water, using as little as 20 GPM total (and as little as 6 GPM of fresh water) with its drive-thru format.

Features and Benefits - System Includes:

  • Guide Rail
  • Quad Wave Mitter™
  • Gyro Wrap™
  • Chameleon® Arch Rinse
  • Photo Eyes

Complete Backroom:

  • insta-KLEEN™ System Control Centre – ICC

Optional Equipment:

  • DuraTrans® XD
  • Conveyor Correlator
  • Prep Jet Systems™
  • Titan VPS™
  • Chameleon® Arch Vehicle Prep
  • Multi-Purpose Arch™
  • Rain Arch™
  • Wave Low Side Washer™
  • Wave Full Side Washer™
  • Wave Across™
  • Whisper Wheel®
  • AirCannon™ Dryer
  • MixStir®