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Before you enter into any sort of investment the most important thing is doing your due diligence. There’s a lot to consider & you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right people on your team to ensure the whole process runs smoothly, on schedule & to budget. Here’s a brief snippet of some of the things you’ll need to consider & manage throughout the process.

Financing your car wash

It’s important to run the numbers with a licensed professional in the finance industry to ensure you have the capital investment required for start up.

Site securing & analysis

Your objective here is to analyse a site for any zoning & compliance issues, ascertaining traffic flow plus identifying possible competition in the area. At Carwash World we assess a customer’s potential site using a set of metrics to gauge everything from demographics through to it’s wash capacity.

Determining your site requirements

At this point you’ll have your budget set in place & a potential site in mind. Here you really need car wash industry experts (like us) who understand how to maximise site use. Given our experience with our own car wash sites, we understand how important site development is to the the success of your operation. Using an architect who specialises in wash sites is a must – using a specialist ensures that everything from a well executed layout down to aesthetically pleasing conduit systems has been thought of.

Equipment & Installation

Not all equipment is the same – you want reliable equipment that has low overheads & running costs. You want to be able to wash more cars, with a better result than your competitors. When purchasing an item such as an automatic car wash, you also need to consider the long term relationship involved with the purchase – after the initial installation there is scheduled maintenance & servicing going forward. It’s a long term partnership.

After Sales & Operational Support

There’s lots to learn. Plenty of car wash investors have never owned their own business before, others however, are well versed in the realm of business but are overwhelmed by the thought of initiating social media marketing strategies. Find a supplier who is willing to assist you in getting up to speed in everything from daily operations to marketing directives.

If you’ve got any questions – contact the team at Carwash World.

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  1. Hello , My query is the approx cost to set up a four to five bay carwash with one automatic in the Adelaide area,site selection yet to be made but need costings at this stage thanks.

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