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PDQ 360 Laserwash Plus – Touchless

The newest LaserWash® in-bay automatic car wash raises the standard for touchless car wash equipment.

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Laserwash Auto Xpress

With more than 10,000 LaserWashes shipped worldwide, PDQ Manufacturing Inc. takes great pride in being the leader..

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Protouch Tandem

PDQ has pioneered a new industry defining vehicle cleaning method with the ProTouch® Tandem.

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Belanger V-Max

The V-Max® is Belanger’s state-of-the-art touch free automatic large vehicle wash system.

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iWash – Self Serve Vehicle Wash Systems

iWash self serve vehicle car wash systems are state of the art units, consisting of 2 to 6 open ended wash bays and a closed equipment room.

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Hamilton Transaction Kiosk (HTK)

The HTK comes with a dual head credit card reader. This allows a credit card to be swiped in either direction.

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Access® Entry Stations

Only Access® offers a family of customer management systems that meets every operator’s needs.

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QW-5956B, Credit card acceptance system. Contactless Payment Module MEI banknote validator and stacker.

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Water Recycling Systems

Water is the most important resource in the world. With the rapidly rising cost of water and its lack of availability in some areas.

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Dog Washes

With the price of land & rent we know you need to utilise every single space of your site & increase revenue streams.

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